Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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Node JS Development: A Suitable Way Developing Effective Websites

With the rapid change in web development and the use of new software, the use of java is declining. The new programming languages and frameworks are aiming at both the front-end and back-end development.

In the present times, the popularity of an application is determined by the user experience that it can deliver which in turn determines the profitability of the application or the website. The users are usually exposed to the front-end of an application but the front end experience depends on the back-end of an application. Some of the aspects of the back-end of an application on which the front-end experience depends are database interactions and performance. Earlier, PHP and SQL were used to create web based applications but they had their short comings.

The advent of the Java script and associated frame work libraries has helped the developers in making web applications that are more data intensive, this has helped in enhancing the user experience of the web based applications on the front-end. Newer technologies such as Node.js or Spark are being used by the developers for this purpose. Although one has to know Java in order to be able to use Node.js or Spark, but it is believed that gradually the use of Java will decline completely to give way to these new technologies.

1. Reliable and stable

It is a Java Script based application development platform. It is reliable and stable, and helps in building fast and scalable applications.

2. Can be used to write both client-side and server side code

Web developers can write the server-side code in JavaScript because of the JavaScript library. It is used by many web developers to write both the client-side and server-side code in JavaScript.

3. Designed as cross-platform run-time engine

It is designed as cross-platform run-time engine, and executes code through Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine.

4. Allows programmers to run operations asynchronously

It allows programmers to run operations asynchronously and executes commands in parallel, non-blocking functions thus improving the execution speed of the JavaScript code.

5. Simplifies Common Web Development Tasks

It has features that can simplify common web development tasks like data streaming and networking.

6. Ideal for Mobile Application Development

It can handle a lot of queries very fast which is why it is ideal for mobile application development.

7. Offers good speed

It requires less CPU resources and can thus respond very fast, it is built on computationally sound core system keeping in mind modern web servers and their interactions.

8. Makes use of Gridlocks

To prevent new threads from spawning, Node.js makes use of Gridlocks.

9. Lightweight and efficient

It uses an event blocking I/O model which makes it light weight and efficient.

10. Largest ecosystem of open source libraries

It’s package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.


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