Monday, 29 September 2014

Is your website ready for shopping on a mobile or tablet?

Optimising a website is the new having a website – think how often you browse and buy on a tablet or phone, or how often you see others doing it.

The US general manager of said this year that creating a seamless shopping environment on a mobile phone “will be crucial for any business that wants to grow in 2014”.

Shopping on your mobile or tablet – how many people do it?

Statistics show that more people are buying this way, as a quicker alternative to firing up the PC. With a mobile or iPad, it’s easy to buy on the go when you remember something, or while relaxing in the evening. These devices are convenient and to hand.

Research company eMarketer predicts that in two years, a quarter of all eCommerce will be done via a mobile device. That’s potentially one in four customers looking to buy on their tablet or phone.

The famous USA sale day ‘Black Friday’ is coming up soon – last year figures by Custora High-Growth eCommerce Index showed that 40% of all online shopping was done on mobile devices that day.

Does a website always needs to be optimised?

Usually, yes. It can be pot-luck whether a traditional website created for a typical browser window works on a tablet or mobile.  Often it’s there in spirit but can look messy – tiny writing, weird buttons, overlapping products etc.

Going back to what Annie Jie Xu of Alibaba said, it is about creating a ‘seamless’ shop for customers. Think about whether you would continue shopping on something clunky and confusing.

Optimisation for eCommerce is about streamlining the process to suit the small and medium sized screens of mobiles and tablets.

Ecommerce mobile app development – when to invest

Any eCommerce platform is likely to benefit from mobile optimisation, as it makes shopping easier for customers and can lead to a higher conversion rate.

We see mobile device optimisation as a sensible choice, people will keep using phones, and customers will keep buying online, in the easiest way possible. Mobile devices are to hand, they are already turned on, and with an optimised website, it should be hassle free.

In terms of budget, it comes down to what you need and what you expect. Project costs will vary significantly from project to project. We suggest speaking to a software company about mobile app development.

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We’re Eastpoint, a Cambridge-based software company with experience in ecommerce web and Mobile App development Company in Cambridge, London and UK.

If you’re looking for an online shop or eCommerce platform give us a call or send an email – we have worked on various eCommerce projects and have several options to get the most of your budget. Get in touch with us about outsourcing that part of the  project. We have experience working with partners and agencies on software products. Call us on 01223 690164 to discuss what you need and how we can help.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

NodeJS and MongoDB Web App Development in Cambridge,London and UK – Eastpoint Software

NodeJS Development:

It’s a new-ish technology that has enjoyed rapid growth and many success stories, thanks to ease of building, and scalability.

Why NodeJS?

NodeJS allows us to use a single programming language (Javascript) through the whole app - that means on the server and client side, and on the server/NodeJS side. The benefit? Quicker to build and get running. And easier to maintain.

NodeJS is great for real-time web applications and developing data APIs. Like MongoDB, it is a fast and efficient database that allows for scalable development, so it can grow as your requirements do.

Every technology has it's benefits, NodeJS would probably not be the right choice for long and complicated processes.

NodeJS Outsourcing:

We have lots of experience working with partner agencies to deliver expertise that are not available in-house.

Call us to discuss an outsourced project, we are experienced with the process and always treat outsourced work with the same high standards, just as if we were working directly with a client.

Our NodeJS Work:

Our use of NodeJS includes a product data search for a retail client and a portal for online gaming (also using AngularJS).

Eastpoint Software NodeJS and MongoDB Web App Development in Cambridge, London and UK At Eastpoint Software we work with NodeJS to deliver data-intensive real time web apps. We can build scalable web apps to push your business forward. We have experience working with partners and agencies on software products. Call us on 01223 690164 to discuss what you need and how we can help.

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